Free Membership - You can create a profile, set your preferences and search. You can also receive messages. You will be able to read and respond to messages from Gold Members. You will not be able to read or respond to messages from Silver Members.

Silver Membership - As per Free Membership but you can respond to all messages and send messages to everyone. Free members will be sent an email notification of your message but will need to upgrade to read and respond to it.

Gold Membership - As per Silver Membership but 'all' members can read and respond to your messages. This option gives full access to all members, free or paid.

Guaranteed Membership - Some Memberships may be offered with a Guarantee of Partnership. If the stated number of partnerships has not been met during the period of the purchased upgrade you may request a free upgrade extension until the quota is met. For more relevant information please see our terms of service.

Plan Price
2 Months SILVER Membership GBP 19.95
6 Months SILVER Membership GBP 34.95
6 Months GOLD Membership GBP 49.95
1 Year SILVER Membership GBP 49.95
1 Year GOLD Membership GBP 74.95
3 Years SILVER Membership GBP 89.95
3 Years GOLD with a 3 Partner Guarantee. GBP 149.95
5 Years GOLD with a 10 Partner Guarantee GBP 199.95